5 Signs Your Business Is ready for VR

Posted on: 2021-11-24

Running an entertainment business? You’ve heard of VR by now. Chances are, you’ve seen competitors sign on, and you’re starting to wonder, am I ready?

So, are you? Here are five simple signs that you are.

1: You Don’t Want To Be Left Behind

VR is tearing through the entertainment industry. It’s fast becoming a standard addition to any suite of attractions. So if you run the sort of business that you want to keep on the cutting edge, you risk falling behind the competition if you’re the last place in your town to get VR.

The good news? It’s actually a swift process to get up and running. You just need some headsets and a good VR software provider, and you can be operating within weeks!

2: Your Customers Aren’t Very Frequent Visitors

Whether you’re running laser tag, bowling, arcade games, or anything else, few customers will want to do any one thing more than monthly — if that. Many more casual customers are the kind that are only likely to book a session once every couple of years.

So you have to be confident that everything you run justifies the space it occupies and the cost of maintenance. With VR, many experiences require relatively little space. Then consider that it costs nothing to switch between any one of multiple VR experiences, and you’ve suddenly got an extremely powerful attraction.

Group of people in escape room

3: Your Attractions are One-Time Only

Let’s talk more about space. Many businesses operate incredible attractions — but a customer really only can do each one once. Think about escape rooms. Once the puzzles are solved, what’s the point in playing the same game again?

This means escape room owners are constantly worried about the right balance of getting the most out of a room before removing it and putting a new one in to get those customers back. With VR escape rooms, you don’t have the cost of removal and reconstruction. When a new game’s available, you can start running it immediately without customers losing access to the earlier games!

4: Customers Are Getting Bored

Are the old staples having a harder time getting customers excited? As technology changes, modern audiences sometimes come to expect more sophisticated and novel attractions. Think about traditional arcades. You might see arcade machines as part of a larger entertainment center today, but they’re generally no longer a draw on their own — not when kids can play video games on their phones.

If you’re having trouble keeping customers interested, give them something totally new. Something they can’t get anywhere else. Don’t stop at just a VR booth with a headset they can buy anywhere: give them multiplayer free-roam VR they can’t do at home.

5: Competition’s Heating Up

While the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t completely over, more and more regions are operating closer to the old normal. People are hungry for the kinds of entertainment they haven’t been able to do for the last two years, and location-based entertainment businesses are understandably desperate to get their business.

So while there’s huge demand out there, the competition is pretty tight for many businesses. You might want something to really make your business stand out. When every escape room location in your city is promoting its brand new room, how about you promote your brand new room — plus your brand new 6 VR escape rooms?

How To Get Started

We’ve helped more than 80 locations get up and running with spectacular VR experiences that blow their customers’ minds and get them back again and again. These experiences have saved businesses. Grown revenue. Helped them open more locations. Find out how we can help you by reaching out today!

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