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Woman in VR headset in corporate team building event

Creating the Ultimate Group Entertainment Events with VR

Posted on: 2021-12-10

Entertainment businesses are no strangers to large group bookings.

And with the vaccine rollout, these bookings are back. Whether we’re talking corporate team building events, children’s birthday parties, or bachelor/bachelorette parties, there’s nothing your bottom line loves more than knowing you’ve got 20, 30 — even 40 or more people booked.

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Here's What VR Customers Are Looking For

Posted on: 2021-09-22

By now, pretty much everyone is aware that virtual reality is a thing. They’re at least vaguely aware that you put a device on your face and interact with some sort of video game or other software. Chances are they haven’t actually tried it, though.

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Skeletons look out of a Halloween haunted house

What's your business doing for halloween?

Posted on: 2021-08-16

Since the mid-00s, consumers have steadily spent more and more on Halloween each year. Between trick or treating, costume parties, and the dedication of the true Halloween enthusiasts, Halloween is an event. And with the season only a couple of months off, it’s an event that many businesses will be acting on now to ensure they get their slice.

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Woman experiencing VR motion sickness

How Businesses Can Prevent VR Motion Sickness

Posted on: 2021-08-04

The last thing a business needs is a customer feeling sick halfway through one of their attractions. They’re not going to have great things to say about the service, they may be asking for a refund — and in the worst cases, you’ve got a physical mess on your hands as well.

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Group of entertainment customers planning their VR session

Who Plays Commercial VR?

Posted on: 2021-06-24

Well, everyone. VR in a commercial, location-based entertainment setting has broad appeal. This isn't arcane technology that only hardcore gamers are into. We’re talking about an accessible, incredible experience that people are naturally curious about and is intuitive to play.

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