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Woman taking off VR headset

Virtual Reality is the New IMAX for Science Centers and Museums

Posted on: 2021-01-20

Science centers and museums have an incredible opportunity in virtual reality. The technology opens up amazing and intuitive new ways of storytelling, entertainment, and education — in fact, the potential role of science centres in pioneering and sharing this technology with their visitors mirrors the role they played in early adoption of IMAX.

In a world about to recover from COVID-19, science centers and museums will need to reconnect with their communities. The time is right to bring VR tech onboard to play an important role in this work.

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Man exploring vr escape room

Reduce Your Escape Room Reset Time and Support More Patrons

Posted on: 2021-01-12

We get it. It takes a lot to keep your escape room business running — and then one of your staff members calls in sick. You’re understaffed on your prime-time Saturday and have to reset rooms and deal with customers at the same time on top of everything else.

Something gets missed in a reset, the puzzles don't work, and nobody notices. It would've taken five seconds to flip that switch or reset that lock, but a group walks away with a disappointing experience: an escape room owner's worst nightmare.

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