Using Social Media to Promote your VR Escape Room Experience

Posted on: 2023-06-05

We all know the rush of anticipation and excitement when you first step into an escape room, curious at how the story will unfold.

Each escape room tells a different story. Whether you find yourself submerged underwater or stranded in a jungle, the beauty of VR gaming for you, the owner, is that it provides ever-evolving stories and puzzles that give you more opportunities to bring families and friends together. 

But a common challenge for business owners is communicating this feeling of adventure through marketing. Social media is the obvious choice, but business owners might find it intimidating or confusing to navigate a platform with constantly changing trends and expectations. It can be especially hard to do this without the help of a social media manager — or if you’re just not well-versed in the online world. 

To help you navigate this, here is one simple guideline that you should follow when thinking of what to post in your social media accounts:

Capture your guest's attention by sharing stories
that will make them want to create their own memories
at your business!


Get Your Guests' Attention on Social Media 

The stories you tell through your social media accounts get people excited about your business and push them to take the jump to visit. Even without a huge following, when you post videos photos of your business, the engagement you get from each post triggers happy memories for customers and entices those who've yet to visit. Giving your customers the chance to share alongside your posts makes them feel more connected and that their happiness matters. 

How to make engaging content for location-based VR 

Share customer testimonials to showcase how much fun your guests have when they come over for a visit.

Have you ever shopped at Amazon, found your item of choice, and immediately scrolled down to the review section just to see what other people are saying about the product? All of us do this, and that’s because we want to see what others think about the product first before they make the commitment to purchase.

This need for social proof is an extremely powerful factor in conversion rates, as it is the best way to build trust with your business. Ask your customers if they’d love to share their story, be photographed or simply be filmed having a great time so they can be a part of your social media page and have access to the videos themselves!

Cater your wording, videos or communication style to your demographic. 

Make it a habit to scroll through some reels in Instagram or Facebook (if you aren’t doing so already). Look at posts generally, and then look at what similar businesses in your area are doing specifically. This might sound like a waste of time, but what’s happening here is that you’re constantly being exposed to the messaging, likes and dislikes of today’s world by watching and evaluating content.

If you watch and pay attention to what’s happening or what’s being said in the videos, you can get a sense of the type of people these videos are speaking to. Doing this will help you think in the perspective of the viewer and help you identify why you like a particular video or company so much based on the messaging they have in their socials. 

Example: How you can market to Gen Z using this process:

Have you ever seen those scrub daddy videos? How about the Mandalorian fan edits? Gen Z is a wild and unpredictable group, marked with a streak of creativity. Marketing to Gen Z may feel intimidating if you're older, but just consider this: they love a personable company.

When speaking to Gen Z , keep that in mind: don’t be afraid to showcase who you are! You don’t have to have the fanciest or most polished video, because as long as you aren’t afraid to show your personality, that's enough to connect.

Tell them why you started your business. Show them how much time, dedication and care goes into ensuring your guests have a great time with their friends and family and you're Gen Z audience will respond.

Take advantage of the marketing materials shared to you by your game developers! 

Whether you’ve bought an escape room from a vendor or are looking to run a VR escape room yourself, a hidden perk is sometimes that there could be marketing materials provided to you by the company you’re partnered with. Though you might not find this perk with every company, we can assure you that vrCAVE provides a full set of images, videos, and other resources to get you started. Check out some of the graphics our resident designer has created below! We find that whatever the game, they evoke a certain feeling that a flat screenshot alone doesn't necessarily communicate: they get that sense of wonder going.

Making social media posts may seem like a daunting task, but if you focus on the positives and take that extra step to put yourself out there, you’ll find your audience. Just think, that great social media post could be the very thing that inspires a 12-year-old to bring grandpa to your business, to fulfill the most important dream they’ve both always had: slaying a dragon in his fiery keep! 

At our core, game developers and escape room owners share a similar goal: bring a smile to people’s faces and show everyone a great time. This shared passion is what motivates vrCAVE to create amazing games that anyone can enjoy. If you want to learn more, why not get in touch