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Kyrene Benedicto

Marketing Communications Intern Summer 2023

Screenshots of vrCAVE's Instagram Reel. vrCAVE designer, 3D artist and game developer are smiling in the photos.

Using Social Media to Promote your VR Escape Room Experience

Posted on: 2023-06-05

We all know the rush of anticipation and excitement when you first step into an escape room, curious at how the story will unfold.

Each escape room tells a different story. Whether you find yourself submerged underwater or stranded in a jungle, the beauty of VR gaming for you, the owner, is that it provides ever-evolving stories and puzzles that give you more opportunities to bring families and friends together. 

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A family embarks on a virtual reality adventure together

How Family Entertainment Centers Can Draw Crowds with Virtual Reality

Posted on: 2023-05-30

How do we communicate the wonder people feel when they first watch a dragon soar overhead? The awe in a guest's face when they witness their friend finally crack the safe code and pull out a crown?  How do we take that personal group experience inside the headset and translate it into promotion to people who haven’t done it yet?

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