How Family Entertainment Centers Can Draw Crowds with Virtual Reality

Posted on: 2023-05-30

How do we communicate the wonder people feel when they first watch a dragon soar overhead? The awe in a guest's face when they witness their friend finally crack the safe code and pull out a crown?  How do we take that personal group experience inside the headset and translate it into promotion to people who haven’t done it yet?

There’s nothing quite like stepping into a new world for the first time with your friends and family, ready to embark on an adventure together — but your challenge is getting them in for that first time. The best part about VR escape rooms? They can attract everyone, no matter their age, background or personality, because they deliver on the promise of an FEC: a great time for the whole group. 

The Appeal of VR Escape Rooms to FEC Guests

This sense of adventure, togetherness and wonder is exactly the type of experience that will make your family entertainment center stand out from the rest — and is why VR escape rooms work so well. They don’t take up a lot of room, and they extend your offerings efficiently, resulting in a unique mix of your family entertainment center’s existing attractions and VR.

This creates a really attractive story to market your business with. Your entertainment center isn’t just arcade machines, bowling and darts, it’s all that plus:

  • Fending off a horde of evil sea creatures
  • Protecting the Earth from a giant asteroid
  • Stopping a runaway train

No matter if you’re a parent, grandparent, teenager or kid, VR and family entertainment centers make for a great family bonding experience through providing amazing group challenges that appeal to guests whether they’re looking for tough puzzles, frantic action, or to just take their kids somewhere that’ll create that awe and wonder. 

How do business owners communicate this properly to guests? How do we show that the whole family can have fun inside the VR headsets?

The answer is simple. 

Tell the Story of the Story

Cowboy character in virtual reality game aiming revolver in train engine room

Trapped on an out of control moving train, your guests must bring a bandit to justice

What differentiates you from the rest of your competitors is the stories you create and the stories your guests will tell others. We all know what the staples are about. We know what a board game night, a bowling night, a shopping outing, or a movie is going to be like. But VR’s still pretty new. So as you’re writing posts and webpages, think about what’s going on inside the headset and how you can clearly communicate how it will bring dreams to life

  • Video clips or screenshots of the VR adventures: communicates the content itself
  • Clips of excited people at key moments of the games: shows that these games are fun
  • Footage that shows groups of different ages: makes the activity relatable to families

In the case of VR and family entertainment centers, you’re addressing the need for parents wanting to find ways to give their children unique experiences while being a part of the picture. Push the idea that you’re delivering exactly that, whether it’s mom, dad, and the kids saving the world from an asteroid, or mom, dad and the kids fighting off fire-breathing dragons that threaten to eat them! What’s important is they’re all right there in the action.

Rather than watching the adventure unfold on a cinema screen or talking about it, promote your business as the way for a parent to turn their child’s dreams into reality.

Create Real Adventures with Virtual Reality

This is the unique experience that family entertainment centers and VR can give families. Take the imaginations of children and the parents’ desire to show their kids a great time and put the groups at the center of their own adventure.

So when thinking about how you can improve your marketing efforts to get your customers’ attention, sometimes it’s not about the flashiest videos or the photos with the most likes. It’s the communication of the experience and how you frame it. A good business delivers the promise, but a great business takes what delights their customers to heart and creates the stories that get people back.

The industry of VR is all about stories. How it happens, where it happens, how the adventure will unfold — but most importantly, who it happens to. Focus your marketing efforts on demonstrating the adventure, and you might just find yourself surrounded by every aspiring pirates, astronaut, and cowboy in your area. 

Quick FEC VR Social Media Tips!

Before we go, some quick tips you can use right away.

Note that the engagement you receive on your social media posts produces useful data and insights you can use for your business. For example, sharing customer testimonials online allows the chance for others to comment on your post and share their own fond memories of the great time they had at your establishment. You can then monitor, based on the type of comments and engagement from your posts, what kind of content your customers are most likely to come back for. 

If your business does not have an Instagram account yet, then you’re missing out! Depending on how comfortable you are with your socials, you might find it difficult to figure out how to send the right message or craft the right posts for your audience. What’s trendy nowadays can change in the blink of an eye, but always remember that social media is a powerful tool that can bring a lot of attention and awareness to your business if done right. Why not get started by posting a clip of your own staff testing out some games for the first time and talking about how awesome they are?

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